Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Remember Me - A Devotion

“Remember me”, Jesus’ command to his disciples before he went to the cross, His command to us! Remember me.
Remember my power when I calmed the seas, when I healed the crippled, when I raised the dead.
Remember me when you see the majesty of my sunrise and my creation.
Remember me when you walk thru this world that I made for you.
Remember me when you are afraid, when you are heartbroken, when you are in pain.
Remember me in your joy and in your laughter and in your abundance.
Remember me… and my Spirit will stir within you and I will fill you with my power and with my peace.

Remember my love…as I prayed over you and wept over you and taught you…to love.
Remember my cross and my suffering and my sacrifice, my abandonment by Father God, my taking of shame and sin, of your sin.
As we remember Jesus today, let’s take up Paul’s blessing and prayer to the Philippians, and let’s apply it to Jesus.
“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you”. I thank my God every time I remember you Jesus.
Let’s remember Him now. Let’s thank Him now.