Friday, December 19, 2014

Who is God and what does he do?

We had dinner with some dear friends last night. Leave it to kids to ask the most profound questions. Addie is four years old. She's very bright and very curious. She asked her mommy this question, "Who is God and what does he do?" Her mom asked for my help in answering Addie and I'm not sure that I was able to sufficiently answer. I'm not sure that anyone is quite able to sufficiently answer Addie's question, but I went to bed last night and woke up still trying. So here's my answer after considerable pillow time, and some more time scratching with pen and paper.

Thanks for asking Addie. I think I needed to spend a little time pondering. Sometimes God uses children to wake us up and make us think about the important stuff.

This is for you Addie, and for Kenzie too!


He always was.

 He always will be.

He made the whole world,

And he made you and me.


He’s very busy cause he keeps the world turning.

He keeps the stars shining and everything working.

But he never gets tired and he never sleeps.

He watches and guards and safely keeps,

Every mommy and daddy and little child.


He’s strong but gentle.

He’s wise and fair.

He’s brave as brave.

He knows and he cares.

And He wants us to know Him,

And be His best friend.


But the best thing about Him,

Is how much He Loves!

He loves everybody, the large and the small.

He loves so much and He loves so well.

Love is the thing that He does best of all!


He loves us so much He’d do anything for us,

Like our own moms and dads.

You know they adore us!

He loves everybody who ever was.

He loves everybody who ever will be.

He especially loves you,

And He even loves me.



                 MJS 12/19/14

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